Subpanel create button is not working in SuiteP theme

Hi Team,

When i am opening Suitecrm on mobile device, create button of subpanel is not working. Its working fine on desktop.

I tried create button of subpanel under Account,Lead module.

I recently upgraded on suitecrm 7.7.4 version.

Please help me.

you need to check your logs, there must be something

best regards

Hi @mikebeck,

I checked all logs but no log found related to this error.

Hi @mikebeck,

I think this is a screen resolution problem. When i switched to resolution 320480 then functionality of subpanel create button is not working.
But when is use resolution more than 491
496, its working fine.

I’m having the same issue on an IPhone 6 using both Safari and Chrome (from app store)

The Create button works fine on the module but subpanel create on both default and custom modules bring up the loading sign but nothing happens and the create and edit buttons (on each record) disappear.

As we all use Iphones, I need to find a solution…any php files or instructions someone can point me to?

Using Bitnami VM version 7.7.7


I see turning the phone lengthways provides sufficient room to correctly dispay the quickcreate view so that is a solution.

I assume the lengths of the fields could be tweaked to correct vertical viewing so all is good.