Sub Panel title changes not persisting


I’m using version 7.3

When I change the name of the subpanels they do not persist. Sometimes, the change will stay for a while so I go in and test and is ok. But when I then do more work in Studio the original titles revert back.

Not a rights issues - I’ve reset rights over the entire suiteCRM directory.

anyway to change this manually?



I had this with a couple subpanels - have you tried renaming the relationship label?


thanks for the response. Figured this out in the end.

I had saved settings and then loaded them back in as a module. (dev version and just playing). Seems the previously module changes were taking precendence over any changes I was making.

In the end did it manually server side by direct editing the php in the relevant extension areas. extension/modules and extension/applications…

good learning!!

Anyway, thanks for taking time to response. greatly appreciated.



Hi, would you please elaborate on where and what to change in the relevant areas. If you dont want to show your module name, maybe you can write just instead.

I got the first part, of the path:

But down the path there are several subfolders, and files. Where do you make the changes?

Thank you



Is everybody here knows how to change subpanels title in 2020 ?
it doesn’t work (

I found something interesting
I go custom/Extension/modules/ind_Primary_Industry/Ext/Layoutdefs
and change:
to my needed name “Related Companies”
so at this moment, my subpanel was changed to “Related Companies” and was be able to change via Studio(like my screen above)

@pgr Have you encountered this situation?