Studio is not displaying a LIstView correctly after a Save & Depoly and the column widths are not having any effect


I am having problems in studio. For example…

A modules ‘name’ field has a width of 10.
I click on the paperclip icon to change the width to 20 and click save.
I am returned to the Layouts>ListView page and the column width correctly shows as 20, but when i click ‘Save & Deploy’ the page refreshes itself and the column width reverts back to 10. And any other changes that have been made are cancelled.

However, If i then move away from the ListView page (by clicking on Detail View say) and then go back to ListView again, the field width shows correctly as and the other changes show up again.

This happens in every module.

Also, setting the field width seems to have no effect at all on the actual list view. The column widths stay as they are.

These problems have only occurred since upgrading to 7.2.1.

How can i start to try and resolve this?


I have tried a new installation on a different server and the columns widths still don’t work.