Studio in 7.3 [Fix?]

Hey guys,

I noticed when i was looking in studio in the latest 7.3 build, i couldnt scroll any edit/detail view that was more height than the page dom due to no scrollbar and overflow hidden. You can only identify the bug viewing a module in studio with a lot of fields in a layout, try the invoice module.

Not sure if this was just some quirk in the way i upgraded or is officially a bug. Simple fix is to change the following CSS:

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#panels {
height: auto !important;
overflow: auto;

Just attach an override css somewhere in your theme css.

#panels {
height: 100% !important;
overflow: auto;

This is simply copying the toolbox CSS, i have a feeling this isnt the way it supposed to work. This would have been easy to miss because you need a few dozen fields to even test it out, you can test it out by opening the invoice module and viewing the edit module.

Great work getting out 7.3, i was hoping you would as we love the desktop notification feature. I’ll be sure to leave a tip in the tip jar for all the hard work!

I’m having the exact same issue. I thought maybe it was an upgrade problem too. I did a Softaculus test install and found that the issue persisted. I’m pretty sure this is a bug.

So far nobody has reported it on the official bug tracker:

You should probably post this over there and possibly submit a pull request. :slight_smile:

  • Matthew