Studio: HTML custom field not showing in Module table

Hey guys

Got an issue regarding the HTML field you can set while adding a new field to a module.

In my case, I need to add an html field to Opportunities. Adding it via the Studio works fine, however I can’t see it in the opportunities_cstm table (even after a quick repair and rebuild). I tested other field types (such as textarea) and these show up fine. Why is it just the HTML field not showing up?

Currently running latest version (7.5.1)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It’s designed not to show.

The HTML field is not editable and does not save new information.

It is simply a ‘display’ type field, i.e. when you create the field you enter a value and this is shown on the detail/edit view.

If you want an actual HTML field, see the WYSIWYG module in our extensions directory.



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Great! Thank you


The link to the module doesn’t work anymore.
Can you provide any new link to this please ?
Is the module safe and up to date with new released of suitecrm ?