Stuck in Login Loop "logged out because your session has expired"


I’m not sure I have much more to offer on this one. I can tell you that “Current user is:” should have a user name after it that comes from $GLOBALS. I can also tell you that “user_id” should not be = ‘’ (should have your UID GUID) both on SecuritySuite and ACL_Roles. I’m not sure where those get their data, but likely from $GLOBALS or the session.

I tend to think this isn’t a DB problem, as I would’ve expected an error relating to not finding the user…

If I were troubleshooting this on my system, I would put a bunch of $GLOBALS[‘log’]->debug(‘Messages’); in SugarApplication.php, User.php, and SugarAuthenticate.php to try and track down what is happening. I like to start my messages with a unique string, so I can find them more easily buried within the other Debug messages. Some people make their messages ‘error’ or ‘fatal’, so they don’t have to have the log set to DEBUG, but I want the extra DEBUG information anyway to see what was going on around my messages.

Is this a new install? I assume you already tried wiping it and trying again fresh if so?


Of course, if you can really debug this with a debugger, stepping through the code and looking at variables, it would be much easier to get to the bottom of the problem.


I certainly appreciate the help. Ugh, I’m about ready to give up. I was so very hopeful. Yes this is a fresh install and I have tried a couple times by completely erasing it and starting again.

I’ve solved the issue for me. I finally dug deep and found out my hosting provider was using Varnish as a server side caching tool. Disabling Varnish solved my problem. Goodness gracious. Well, if anyone else has this problem and has server side caching, try disabling it and see if that fixes the problem!


Dear All,

I am also facing same issue, in my case the solution is I changed in .htaccess file below line

“RewriteBase /”.

Check your .htaccess file & make the changes ,


Thanks for letting us know.

But I don’t understand exactly what you changed, did you add that line? Where exactly?

Maybe you need to enclose your text in “code” tags here in the forums, so that special characters don’t get lost… thanks.

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Hi pgr,

Just to clarify It is possible that I can’t access the crm coz of disk usage full?.

Yes, PHP needs to write a small session file when you log in, if the disk is full, your login may fail.

But a full disk is a rather serious condition for a server anyway. It could easily crash your OS.

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Hi pgr,

Thank you for the reply.

I’ve experiencing not to login on crm when I check the disk storage is exceed.

Hope it will be ok tomorrow as I requested an upgrade for disk storage.

hi everyone
“Stuck in Login Loop “logged out because your session has expired”” could be a problem with your login form from your template.
Password field: user_password changed to username_password
Reset your password - change to the default suitecrm template, everything is fine or fix it modules\Users\Authentucate.php
I had the same problem some hours ago, during the installation of an update LTS 7.8.5 to 7.8.10

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@andrelindner that is only for a specific version of SuiteCRM, and only for people using third-party add-ons which conflict with it, namely the SuitePImproved theme or another log-in add-on whose name I don’t remember.


This was the answer. I’d just run an upgrade from 7.9.xx to 7.9.11 and could log in on a mobile device but not desktop. Must have been using a different template for mobile…? Anyway, all works again now.