Struggling to Work Out My Path Forward!

The Dream

  1. User completes a Joomla Sales Quotation Request Chronoform (this simply generates an Email from a form like any other web form.

  2. Suite CRM monitors the Email address that the form gets sent to and upon receiving an Email:

A) Checks for a portal user already in existence (based on Email address of the user that comes from the “from” in the Email Generated from Chronoforms) or creates a Portal login and Emails the person completing the form the details (A basic portal is already set up but none of the idea here is configured in any way)

B) Makes the completed Email and form visible on their portal login.

C) Suite CRM alerts us by Email if there are any case updates from the user and updates the user by Email when there are any updates to their case (Preferably with the ability for the user to turn that functionality on/off.

The Problem (and a call for ideas please)

At the moment, I’m totally unable to even find out how to set up the group Email. I can’t see the configuration anywhere. I’ve been trying to follow this guide:

So, any ideas about how to go about it, i’d be very grateful.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Tried that and couldn’t find it. Any ideas on the rest of it too please. Thanks man.

You can’t find Admin / Inbound email / New Group Mail Account?

Which version of SuiteCRM are you running?

I’ve got further forward with this now. How do I have the Email imported into the portal though please and how can you send emails triggered by updates:

A) To the Admin
B) To the Client
C) A Third party with access to the system

Thanks :slight_smile: