String field formatted in Edit is not Formatted in List View of Subpanel

Hi! I try to explain …
I have Subpanel named A in this subpanel I have a FieldText where people writes formatted text (starting a new line for each argument)
Edit View of my subpanel

When I go back (after saving the record in subpanel) to the Subpanel View … I see the Field “unformatted” I mean …all in a row and not in 2-3 rows … The same things if I use that field in Email

Check the list view

Is there a way to “write the new line simbol” or write in some way in order to have it formatted?

Thanks in advance

What is the type of that field? Please check in Studio, or in the vardefs.

In the detail view of that module, does it still have newlines? (this is not in the subpanel below the detail view of another related module. It is in the module where that fields belongs to, on the top of the detail view).

Hi! yes in detail view is good formatted.
the field is TextArea

Maybe I can use Html? or other tags?

What is your SuiteCRM version?

Have you searched GitHub to see if there is an issue about this already?

Finally I got it! I did it directly in the code thanks to Java script!
Thanks a lot

That’s great to hear, don’t you want to share your solution with everybody? I have a feeling it can be useful for others in the future. Thanks