Strange thing related to theme

Hi everybody,
I have just installed SuiteCrm on my server (downloaded the 7.3.1-MAX file)
All is installed and i can log correctly.
When i go on some link in the menu, i have all the screen messed up (with the “undefined content” labels shown) and if i take a look in a firebug console, i can read this :

SuiteCrm seems to call Sugar5 theme but this theme not exist !
What’s wrong in my install ?
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Was this install an upgrade? If so, what version did you upgrade from/

If you go to Admin > Themes, make sure that at least one of the themes has “Enabled” checked, and one theme is set as “Default Theme”

Then, Click your name on the top-right to go to your user profile’s settings. On this screen, click the “Themes” tab.
Select a theme and click Save.

Then run a “Quick Repair and Rebuild” from the Admin > Repair Menu.

Does the issue still occur? If so, could you provide a screenshot of it?

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After a full repair (i click on all (!) the links and empty cache (site and browser), all seems ok now !
Thanks for the help :slight_smile: