Strange Mistake on Contacts Module

Help please!

Somebody know how can i fix this problem?, or why this issue could have happened??

this mistake occurs when i try watch the detail view contact’s



Have you recently upgraded your SuiteCRM version?

If so, from what version, and to which version?

If not, have you made any changes to your SuiteCRM instance, or your PHP configuration recently?

I would recommend going into Admin -> Repair - > and Run a “Quick Repair and Rebuild”
On the page that appears, click “Execute” if prompted.

Then, go back to Admin -> Repair and run a “Rebuild JS Grouping Files”

Does this resolve the issue you’re currently seeing?

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thanks for answer.

Yes, in the last days, we are doing many changes, and personalizing the suiteCRM with new modules and characteristics, but i dont know exactly when happens this problem.

I made that you say, from admin panel, but not fix the problem,

the version that we have is :

Version 7.3.1
Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001)

what else can i do?



As you’ve mentioned that you’ve been making changes, I would suggest it might be worth re-setting your permissions on the instance.

We normally recommend the following permissions:

775 access for the folders: cache, custom, modules, themes, data, upload. And also for the file: config_override.php

755 for every other file/folder in the SuiteCRM directory.

We also recommend setting the Owner of the files/folders to the user that your Webservice, (Apache / IIS ) runs under.

So, for example, the default for ubuntu would be www-data

If you set the permissions, then run another Quick Repair and Rebuild, then clear your browser cache, do you still encounter this issue?

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Hi John!
Yeah!, we were made some custom changes on suiteCRM!..

I tried to do that you say!, but without have success, I don’t know how other thing could be happening… :(,
do you think that could is the suiteCRM
native code? or the custom code? or not have anything see it?

what more options we could have to fix it?


It might be worth running the “Rebuild JS Grouping Files” again, after setting permissions correctly, just to ensure that all will be good on that end.

Once you run this, and it completes, Please clear your browser cache. (Done with CTRL+F5).

If you do this, do you still have this issue?

If so, Would it be possible to try navigating to studio in a different browser, to see if this might be browser related?