Strange behavior with top menu : last module visited appear in each category on bottom

Hello everyone

There is something strange with top menu and I can’t tell if it’s a feature for ergonomy or a bug.

In my “Configuration” tab, I’m only supposed to have

  • “PDF - modèles”
  • “Modèle d’email”
    but in this case, I have “Comptes” too because this is the last module i used

If I use module “PDF - modèles”, you can see that it appears to in my “Ventes” tab now

How can I prevent this behavior?

Thanks for your time

That doesn’t look like a default installation, it seems you have customizations in your menus, right?

Can you reproduce this behaviour in a clean install?

If you have done customizations, then how did you do them? Did you edit any files?

This happen on the demo too (chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit))

Well I don’t even have a menu with “Configurations” and with those options you have…

Can you share your full list of “step to reproduce” this on the demo?