Still some fields missing

Thanks for all the good job done on this CRM. However, some errors still occur :
When viewing an account, some fields are still missing in the related activities below. The more ennoying is the due date.
See here :
(Still can’t upload a file …)

The file hasn’t uploaded correctly.

You are in version 7.10.6?

Yes. When Italk about uploading a file, I don’t talk about SuiteCRM. It’s about posts on this forum. The upload a file button don’t work.
what are you talking about ?

I understand the difficulty uploading files here on the forums.

What I meant was that your Dropbox link doesn’t work!

Maybe try this site which I always recommend for this

Dig it. Here is the link :

So if I understand correctly, your issue is just you want to add another field to the Activities subpanel?

But I see you have customized subpanels, did you do that with custom code? You probably just need to add the field to the layouts.

Nope. Before a recent update , there were no problem. If you look at the shot, the due date of all the actions should appear. And only the first line show its due date.All the lines should show the date like before. This is no custom field.

Maybe it’s this issue

but it should be fixed in the latest versions…

Not the same : in my case, this is in the activity to do list of the account module. Not in history. History has been handled.

This is a bug, I can reproduce it in my installation.

I can also fix it :slight_smile:

Make a backup of this file, in case you mess something up


No edit the file and change the existing date_start array like this:

                'date_start' => array(
                         'vname' => 'LBL_LIST_DUE_DATE',
                         'width' => '10%',
                         'alias' => 'date_due',             // I added this line            
                         'sort_by' => 'date_due'         // I added this line

Now the the Due date will show for Calls. Is there any other module type where it’s missing? Some modules don’t have a Due date at all (like Notes) but I’m wondering if there is any other module that has a Due Date and isn’t showing.

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Looks like working !
Tanks a lot !

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Thank you for reporting and testing.