Status fields showing incorrectly in SuiteCRM 8

We have noticed that in suitecrm the status fields are showing incorrectly. We have noticed this in the cases and another custom module but cannot pinpoint the reason.

I have run the file permissions as mentioned in the suitecrm install guide. I cannot see an error in the apache logs. Disabled opcache.

PHP v7.4.15

This image shows the SuiteCRM 8 view

This image shows the /legacy/ list view of cases (in the same order). This is how they should appear.

If I apply the filter for the first time it shows the incorrect status. If I clear the filter and use the same filter, it shows correctly. If I repeat the process it endlessly cycles between being incorrect and correct.

Any idea what the problem could be or how I can debug this further?

Anyone have any ideas?

I have no idea. Maybe you can try some JS repairs from Admin / Repairs.

If this issue does not yet exist Github, perhaps you can open an issue there.

It’s better to test first on the live demo to make sure it’s not just a problem with your installation.