Startdate is not Monday - Archive Email

The settings for our users in Admin are set to have Monday as the first day displayed in Week, Month, and Year Views.
This is working in most places.

However, not in in History when you do Archive Email. Then the start date is Sunday.

How to reproduce this:
For example:

  1. View Accounts and select any Account.
  2. School down to History.
  3. Right click at Create Note or Attachment and select Archive Email.
  4. The Date & Time Sent here is starting with Sunday.

We would like this to be starting with Monday (as it is in most places of the system.)

How can we change the start date in this calendar? Bug?

Well spotted. This seems to be a bug. I’ve added an issue to github:


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I’ve added a fix which should make it into the next version of SuiteCRM.

Thanks again,