"spots" is not working properly

When I generate a report in “spots” (Quotes o sales), I see that everything works fine, except when I only combine “Account Name” with “Sale stage”,
it does not classify the clients in draft, closed lost, closed won…ETC.

For example, I have a customer who has 12 quotations which are classified as follows:

2 in Negotiation
4 in Draft
6 in Closed won

In the Spots report it leaves them all in “Value proposition”. Other clients do separate them into close won, draft etc.
but the information is wrong, in fact it is missing.

How can I fix this?, I really apreciate your help!!!

Hey there

Are you still having issues with this?

I believe the “Sales Stage” value used here is the Opportunity “Sales Stage” value

So if your spots is set up like:

Then it will return the Accounts<->Opportunities Relationships

As you can see, “Value Proposition” is a value on Opportunities:

Unless you have a different Spots setup used?

If so, any screenshots/steps to replicate are appreciated.