Sometimes the system gets extremely slow with no reason

Hi. SuiteCRM it’s great. This is my first experience with this tool but not my first with SugarCRM, which I’ve been using it for at least two year.

Everything is ok, my problem is that in some cases the system gets very slow doing some task, specially on saving records. When that happens, the system stay on Waiting for the host. In some cases the task return the record saved but after a long unusual time. In other cases return ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE and you can’t refresh or re-enter to the site without clearing the cookies, but when you do, you see that your changes are there.

This is driving me crazy. Any help will be very welcome.


Sorry to hear that.

Here are some settings that hopefully may help performance. If you go to admin then settings can you make sure developer mode is not checked. If this option is selected the system wont cache any pages.

Also what log level do you have set? The higher the log level the more the system has to write to log files which would slow it down. I would recommend setting it to fatal,

Another thing to consider is if you have added any logic hooks, depending on what they are doing they may be causing the delay in saving.

Also what version of SuiteCRM are you using?

Hi. Thank you for the answer. Everything that you wrote me to check was already consider, except the logic hooks. Can you explain me more or point me some tutorial? Thanks

Hello there. My current version is 7.5.1. I’m using Digital Ocean for hosting. I already check the permissions and the log file searching for some clue but nothing indicates me the problem. I even increase the resources of my Droplet to 8GB of RAM and 4 CPU. Thanks

Do you recognize these symptoms in your system?

I think the fix went into version 7.5.2, but I’m not sure.

You mentioned you checked the logs, this bug is very easy to spot in the logs, BUT only if you output the entire log, not if you grep it.