Some weird bugs with new modules

I imported package with 32 modules that I created. At the begining everything was fine, but in the middle of my work something happening.

Here is what seems like bug:
1)I don’t see none of them in “All menu”

2)I see all of them in “Display modules” as there database name, even if they have normal name:

3)In “Display Subpanels” I don’t see there name, but they exist and I can drag and drop them:

All that 3 pictures shows you a bugs, but at the same time there is places where it works fine, like “Studio” editor. You can see all new modules there as they should be:


Sudenly in a middle of my work and while I’m writing that bug report, all that modules appear as “Hidden Modules” but with their normal names:

That bug is really weird and not stable, what can be a reason and how to fix it?

Problem solved.

I used on the same server under the same Apache 2 sites: main site and backup site.
It doesn’t work like that. Backup must be located on another server and you must open it in another browser. Or other way you will see that weird not stable bugs.