Some upgrades for SuiteCRM

It’s upgrades for SuiteCRM 7.11.10. There are some changes. The most interesting are:

  • Repair “collection” field type;
  • Make “collection_file” field type;
  • Work dropdown menu or buttons in Edit and Detail form;
  • Show system message;
  • Change design for search form;
  • and others.

May be you include it to the SuiteCRM.

Best regards,

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Hi Petr,

I recommend you to read about contributing bug fixes and features here:

Especially, it would be helpful if you separate your contributions and clearly describe each contribution.

Thanks @jansiero we already went through this in a different thread, and the first PR is up. Now it’s only a matter of us reviewing it and merging, but I’m afraid that is getting a bit delayed…

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