Some questions in EMAIL module

Hi All,

I’m newly in suiteCRM, and nice to meet you.

My questions is under EMAIL module.

Instance 1
When my teammate though the import function to extract the email from mail server (Specified to INBOX). The email body are often disappear after imported (Message prompted successful), and no flag to show at line in MAIL module. This case is often affecting in Firefox, Chrome is OK, but sometime has same problem.

Instance 2
My teammate reported to me that, if they change the MAIL box to [Sent] folder, and processes the import function, the mail contents can import into specify module, but the mail subject is wrong.

Instance 3
When I reply the email in suiteCRM, and removed the original attachments and then send to someone. The attachments are stilling keeping in reply email. All reply emails have the same problem.

Anyone have idea this [3] instance?

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My environment
Mail Server - Exchange in O365
suiteCRM Version 7.11.12 (Windows 10 PRO)

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

A couple of introductury pointers I can try giving you:

  1. Keep an eye on your logs, and make sure you match what you see there (using the timestamps) with the actions on the UI (so you know which message appeared when you clicked “send”, for example).

  2. Search SuiteCRM’s Github for existing issues: some of the things you mention I am pretty sure are already reported (no.3 for example). You might find helpful tips, workarounds or even full fixes that are waiting to be merged into a future release.

Thank you for your reply. Will try to studies the log first.

I found same topic of question 3 for in github :grinning:

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