Some calendar views don't show anything - SuiteCRM 7.2.1

I’m new to SuiteCRM, just a couple of weeks, so I started with 7.2 version, and today updated to 7.2.1.
What happens is that some calendar views don’t show any content, only header and footer of the page, as you can see in the attachment.
I did a bit of investigation, and that’s what I can say about the issue:

  • both Chrome and FF behave the same
  • when using FF if I just click on Firebug to activate it the whole content shows up
  • it seems it happens if I access the system using Italian language, not when I use English instead
    Does it make any sense? Can it really be related to language translation?
    Thank you for any hints

Does it happen when using english language? if not, then definetly it is something with your lang pack

As always, have you tried to ran a quick repair? check files and folders permission?

best regards