SMTP Not Working | Suit CRM

In Admin -> Email settings when I try to set up an outgoing mail configuration, the following happens:

  1. I enter all necessary information.
  2. I click Send Test Email > The email is sent and everything seems fine.
  3. I save

If I return to Email settings and click Send Test Mail, I get the error message "Error:The following From address failed: MYEMAIL@DOMAIN
SMTP server error: “REJECTED - Bad HELO - Host impersonating [MYDOMAIN]”.

If I try to enter the SMTP-password again, and WITHOUT SAVING click Send Test Mail , the test email is sent. If I save, I get the above error message.

IS this also reason of Compaign emails not sending.

[FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: An outgoing mail server is not configured to send emails. Please configure an outgoing mail server or select an outgoing mail server for the mail account that you are using in Settings >> Mail Account.
Wed Nov 30 16:02:33 2016 [10687][f07dd050-ce12-c4f8-bbf2-5839a9a92243][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: SMTP connect() failed.

Hello Farhad,

In Email settings, if you came back and try to edit.
If password field is as link then you need to reenter the password then only send test will work, as in edit mode, it won’t reload the password in email setting due to security.