Howdy. Rest assured that i’ve read documentation on suite/sugar in relation to smtp settings however nothing covers the following senario.

I have 4 emails created as ( which are all being pulled into gmail to view, read & send.

Could that be an issue as to why i’m getting the following error "Error:The following From address failed: "?

I’m attempting to connect my email ( via smtp to suite which is already been imap/pop pulled into - would this cause an issue?

Thank you and looking forward to your response.

OK, so I watched a refresher video by Eli the Computer Guy on youtube and now understand why / how SMTP works which answers my question on logistics.

So I’ve decided to smtp purely to my gmail email (

I got a ‘suspicious email’ notification within gmail notifying me that an unsecure app (prehaps the CRM) is attempting to logon to gmail.

My email settings look like this, ssl port 465 and I get an Authentication Required 530 5.5.1 error…

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.