SMTP Error - Version 7.9.4

I have just upgraded our test instance of SuiteCRM to version 7.9.4 and I am in the process of testing the various features we are use.

One feature that I have noticed that is not working is email. I have gone into the email settings to check everything is configured the same as our live site and it all looks fine.

I have also tried pressing the sent test email button and this brings back an SMTP error.

Are there any logs that I can check to will give me more information around why the email element is not working?

The only information the logs are giving me, is that an outgoing mail server account is not configured. I have not configured an outgoing mail server but the error still persists.

I have been able to narrow it down slightly in that if I remove SMTP authentication I am then able to send test emails from both the mail settings section outgoing mail settings section. But this then stops emails being able to be sent from a contact.

On our live version the settings are exactly the same as the test system, the only difference is the version.

08/16/17 15:33:59 [6456][145d04ba-5306-f4df-0690-553e5fad0e9f][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: An outgoing mail server is not configured to send emails. Please configure an outgoing mail server or select an outgoing mail server for the mail account that you are using in Settings >> Mail Account.

08/16/17 15:33:59 [6456][145d04ba-5306-f4df-0690-553e5fad0e9f][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: SMTP connect() failed.

The same as BlueMan2015 experience - happens in my installation …

Any one ??


Same issue here. Was working fine until upgrading to 7.9.4 It doesn’t pull in the FromAddress either.