SMTP Error - Microsoft Exchange

Hi There,

I’m having an issue setting up emails in the Admin>Email Settings area.

I am trying to use Microsoft Exchange. I get an error when sending a test email that says “Error:SMTP connect() failed.” Here is what the error log says also

“Wed Dec 9 03:52:55 2015 [58385][6aa14de4-5e6e-73a9-171f-562e44d6b01a][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: The outbound mail server selected for the mail account you are using is invalid. Check the settings or select a different mail server for the mail account.”

I’ve checked that the email server is reachable by using telnet on port 25 and port 587 and both succeeded.

If anybody has any suggestions as to how to fix this issue then please let me know.

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Hi There

Depending on what version of SuiteCRM you are using,

I can’t say this is 100% the same issue but you may want to look at

Hi Taufique,

Thanks for your reply, It’s quite difficult to get any replies on this forum sometimes.

I have a look at your thread and it seemed hopeful but unfortunately that didn’t solve my issue, I’m still getting the error.

I’m running version 7.4 by the way.

It only happens when i’m trying to use Microsoft Exchange, it works when I use my hosting providers SMTP as “Other”.


the same SMTP error message like me.

By coincidence, I have found out that a test message via exchange is sent BEFORE you store the password.

That means if you make your email settings in the admin area a send a test message this will work. If you save your settings and send a test message again that causing again the SMTP error message.

Very strange!!! Also made a look into the database and the password is decypted stored. Something have to be happend during saving the password.

Hope other user get an idea to solve this problem.


I am using exchange and from sugar 5. to suite 7.4.3
The way that I solved this is to trust your crm server with exchange that way you do not have to authenticate…

I am having a similar problem and wonder if someone could help (please…) :slight_smile:

We use a locally hosted windows SBS (2008) server and our company emails are managed through Exchange on this server.
We have our SuiteCRM (7.7) hosted on a separate web server.

I want to setup SuiteCRM to monitor a support@ email address on our exchange server. I have searched everywhere but cannot find how to set this up. I have created a user on the Windows server and set-up support@ as the email address. But how do I get suitecrm to access this inbox?

Any help on this would be really appreciated.