SMTP Connect Failed


I have a gmail account setup in the email configuration and it doesn’t connect. I get the following error

Error:SMTP connect() failed.

I am running the latest version 7.8.3 on a Godaddy hosted server. The server is able to send out mail using PHPMailer, there is a test script that can send out messages using the same gmail account

The email server is on port 25 with no authentication as recommended by Godaddy.

I’ve also tried version 7.5.5 with the same result

I need to have this resolved urgently it is holding up the production use of the application

Govind Dhanraj

I’m afraid SMTP Connect failures are happening to a lot of people these days. There’s something wrong with PHPMailer and we don’t understand what it is yet…

I started getting this error too in the middle of sending email campaign mails. I’m suspecting it’s because of Google Mails sending limits of 100 recipients per email… I’m thinking it may have blocked my server… not sure yet.

I’m however unsuccessful so far in changing the outgoing mail server used for campaign mails.
I’ve changed the main email setting to localhost (testmail works)
I’ve added a new outgoing mail setting for localhost and added it to the marketing-email records used in the current campaigns.

I’m still getting the same errors when trying to send off the emails in the queue…

Also the campaign diagnostics ( still shows me the google smtp settings instead of localhost.

-> where do I need to change the outgoing smtp settings for email/newsletter campaigns?

I think you have to edit the campaign via the setup wizard to change the smtp server