smarty doesn't work in suitecrm

hi there i was wondering if some knows why the pdf template doesn’t convert smarty code

It’s easier to help you if you are much more specific than this.

Tell us you SuiteCRM version, your PHP version, which Smarty code you’re trying to use and exactly which results you get.


It’s 7.5.1 based on sugercrm 6.5.20
The problem is the smarty code doesn’t work when I write in the PDF template, so when I export the PDF template it shows the code.
Then I upgraded the version to 7.9 and it’s still the same
Thank you

For 7.5.1, I don’t really know, it’s such an old version, thousands of fixes have been done since.

When you say 7.9, do you mean 7.9.0? Or 7.9.14?

Finally, and most importantly, are you sure Templates are even supposed to render Smarty code? I thought they only converted a few very specific variables with field names, the ones that you can input with the template editor (like $contact_name)

the Version 7.9.9
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
the thing is i wants to use smarty "if condition " to add some functionality to my pdf template because the pdf template is saved in the data base
thank you

Ok, I understand the functionality, but I don’t think it ever existed in SuiteCRM. I am not sure, though.

I thought you were saying you had used it before, and now it was broken after the upgrade… but DID you ever use it in SuiteCRM? Or was this just a feature request for the future?

I thought its because I found the smarty files in suite CRM files
thank you.

I don’t think this functionality was ever in SuiteCRM, because I think it was only a function in the paid versions of Sugar.
I really wish it was, and I’d be happy to help pay for the development.
Is there any way to ‘crowdfund’ the development of new features?