Slight problems (bugs) with email module

Right, thank you anyway for your inumerous efforts.

But, before I start looking for something else, as a last request, please tell me if I can just replace all my root with the develop branch of github, preserving my database.

Or else, should I just install a fresh 7.10 version. In this case how can I recover my database? By backup/restore?


By the way, I’ve never showed images of my observations. Please find them attached, before and after clicking on the Inbox( button.
[edit] actually in the order after and before, the reply panel is very stubborn and didn’t want to show in the correct order.

Please notice also how the inbox tree pop-up is hidden behind the top bar menu.

Since I see those broken entries in your sidebar (“Base implem…”) I wonder if the (hopefully) definitive fix for that might help your case?

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Thank you for the lead.

I replaced the whole file and the “Base implem…” are not showing any more, but the old issues remain.

Would you care to answer my previous questions about refreshing my system?


If you want to try a fresh reinstall, yes, you should

  1. export the entire DB
  2. install a fresh copy OF THE SAME VERSION of SuiteCRM
  3. Import the database
  4. Copy over any customizations you have under “custom” directory
  5. Quick Repair and Rebuild
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All right! On track again, at least at first sight.

So, for the eventual readers:

  1. Upgraded to 7.10.1 to make database compatible
  2. Dumped database (stopped apache, of course)
  3. Renamed root to .old
  4. Started apache
  5. Installed 7.10.1 according to guide
  6. Copied over from old /custom/* file for file; I had modified some fields, labels and layouts
  7. Stopped apache, restored database, repair and rebuild, login

As you can see on the attachement, the hidden window is gone, and so is the vanishing messages problem.

Concerning the “Base implem…” that can be seen again on the side bar, I was just preparing to copy over the /themes/SuiteP/tpls/_headerModuleList.tpl when I noticed that it had already been patched in this new version. Although the recently viewed items are convenient, I guess it can wait until a next revision.

Once again thank you very much for this extended and long support and lecture.

Best rgds,

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