sleep on scheduled job

Hello, everyone,
I created a ‘Scheduled Job’ from a hook following a company rescue event, all by following the official documentation .
In the code of my Job I need to use the sleep() function of php to insert a time out of 20 seconds because I have to call an API that responds to me after a process that lasts 10 seconds (20 seconds I need to be sure that the process is completed).
However, I realize that the sleep function is not taken into account. Now the solutions are 2 or I find a way to insert a timeout that is executed or I will have to call another Job… Is this possible?

how are you addressing the interface?

In case you’re using curl:

The maximum number of seconds to allow cURL functions to execute.

Hi, there,
the problem is that I have to wait at least 20 seconds before making a second CURL, that’s why I thought to use the sleep() function… that apparently is not executed