Single sign-on

So - I’ve got AD integration working fine.

Now looking at SSO - make use of the user’s logged-on credentials (if on the domain) rather than them having to enter them all again. Found this for SugarCRM 5 - before I spend ages on it:

a) Has anyone else done this ?
b) If not, will I be on the right track here or is SugarCRM 5’s authentication method vastly different from the current ?

Yes, I am a SuiteCRM neophyte :slight_smile:

This isn’t SSO. It’s just using SAMBA to authenticate to the AD domain controllers. Frankly, this is accomplished much easier by using your AD domain controllers as LDAP servers. This lets you authenticate your Suite/Sugar users without any plugins.

To do a real SSO (Single Sign On vs Single Source Authentication), you will need something like CAS (see the Wikipedia List here: If you use CAS, this look like a good starting place:

We are running completely in Google and SuiteCRM in AWS without AD. Is there an easy way to integrate the SuiteCRM instance in to Google SSO?