Shared Calendars Not Working

Have spent 3 days trying to figure this out and no end of googling or searching this forum has helped.

I have 3 users who are all assigned to a group and each has the same role.

When any of the users go to calendars and click on shared and select all users, 3 calendars are showing up for them but each user can only see their calendar entries, instead of seeing everyones calendar entries.

What am I missing?

Is there a way to incorporate a team calendar that is seen and used by all users on the same team?


please provide your SuiteCRM version and System specs, apache, php, mysql, etc.

are you sure that your role allows them to see others meetings/tasks/calls? check that in a simple list view

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Using the latest 7.6.5 version of SuiteCRm. Not sure of the apache, mysql stuff as I am on a shared server so would need to check with my website host. Not that technical - just an end user in the most part.

Not quite sure what you mean by simple list view. Where do I go to - role management? I can’t see where a role allows them to see others meetings/tasks/calls?


check that documentation

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still no luck - have gone through that document.

The only way I can make it work is if I make all 3 users admins. I am an admin user and can see their calendars, but they are regular users.

I have a security group setup where they are both assigned and have also assigned a role to that security group which has settings set to group for everything.
In that role, I have also assigned both users as well as the security group.
In the roles, there is no mention of calendars in the long list of modules at the left - everything is set to enabled.

Do I need to set everything up as Group or set it to ALL for each user.

Also, the instructions in the sugar help file you gave is different to what I see in Sugar.

Would there be caching issues on their computers? I have just logged into another computer as one of them and I can see all the calendars. Hmmmm.