Shared calendar premissions

Hi, i have question about shared calendar premissions.
I created two users in CRM and set them roles and groups so they can see only theirs own records. My setup is working properly except shared calendar functionality where each user can see another schedule but they shouldn’t. I found in Suite documentation option „Hide Restricted” that could resolve my problem but i cannot find it in the settings. Can anyone help me with this?

its in Admin > SecuritySuite Settings

Here are my settings. There is no option called “Hide Restricted” or similar. This is version 7.7.8. I also checked it on 7.6.10 with no success.

Am I missing something?

If you are missing something, that makes two of us :frowning:
Also had this with 7.7.6, and still there after upgrade to 7.7.8.

Is thee any chance that this can be set with some PHP code?