Several issues with reports

I have several strange issues with the reports module.
See attached screenshot. Several headers in the parameter section are undefined.
If I open a saved report the first time it gives results on the original saved value (in the case of ‘Heelkunde’)
When I change the value and update, there are no results.
When I select multiple values in "one of mode’ there again there are no results. Even not if I save a multiple values. (so not in update mode)

I sometimes experience also that the position of a condition in the ‘conditions section’ is the difference between success and failure. e.g. I did a condition on a bolean (checked in a checkbox) which workes fine when it is the first condition amongst others and failes when it is the 4th condition, with all other settings the same.

Please advice me. I can’t find anything in the log files.
Thanks, Jaap