Several contacts in a company... How too..? [work flow]

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So my question is this.
I have loaded the system with leads that i bought from a company and lets says say I call the CEO (its mostly the CEO or the owner), and the CEO refer to that i should contact his sales-director Mr. XYZ. Should I then?:
1.) handle the Sales Director as a new lead and create such (That would create duplicate lead though.)


2.) Should I save the Sales Director as a “Contact” which then is linked to the original lead?

What/which way would be the correct way to proceed?
A company can have several persons involved and on e must obviously save these contact’s information in the system.

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I think that a Lead is object wiche don’t include confirmation information about Account and/or Contact.
If you connected with CEO and sure that you have reliable information you can convert Lead to Account and/or Contact and work with new both objects.
It is 2) direction.

Thanks @p.konetskiy for your reply.

But would you not first convert a lead when the customer is a confirmed potential customer that is highly likely that they will buy from you? If the customer is just referring to his colleague (in my case all leads are by default CEO/owner because I bought the DB that way), then it is still just a prospect?

Or am I missing something in the concept of the work flow of CRM?

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This article always helped me think about these issues

It’s really just a trade-off between the cost of conversion (how long it takes, how much it complicates other processes) and the advantages of having one, two or three stages in your work flow.

These choices are very specific to each company, I believe…

Thank you for that PDF file @pgr. Very informative. :smiley:

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