Setting Record Title upon new record creation

Can anyone tell me if you can use Workflow or another element of the system to set a record title?

I would like to set a contract or case title to be: account name [SPACE} date created
and then allow the user to modify them as necessary beyond that.

First off, thanks for creating a new topic for this.

I am assuming you want the Contract Title or the Case Subject text boxes to be pre-populated with “Account Name[SPACE]Date Created” on the front-end when a user tries to create a Contract or a Case.

The workflow feature as it exists presently can not help you with this. However, you can use “customCode” in your module’s metadata editviewdefs and/or “logic hooks” to achieve this functionality. If you are new to SugarCRM, my last statement might not have made any sense to you. So if that’s the case, please let me know and we can dive further down :slight_smile:

By the way, what you are trying to achieve is not possible in all of the ways that SugarCRM (and hence SuiteCRM) lets you create a new record. Please understand that the system can not know what the “Account” name for a “Contract” is before you have even created a “Contract”. Am I missing something?


I think TS mean - create contract under account. If this is the case it can be achieved by customizain widget for SubpanelTopButtonQuickCreate to populate title in format “Account name (from detailview) space date created - (now)”.

Kir! - Yes that would make more sense to try to do it from the record sub pane! That is a good idea thanks.

AK - I am newer to Sugar, I have worked with Siebel in the past but I would appreciate you pointing me to any good posts/documentation on configuration of the edit views defs. Method. Do we need to be on Pro or higher to use the Logic Hooks? I know that we don’t have access to Sugar Logic at this version.

We do have developers that can get into custom code. However I have see enough over the years of un-sustainable scripting to think that if we can do it without, that is usually a good rout to go :slight_smile:

Thanks both!