Set relationship with REST API 4.1

Hello, I have a CSV file, with several columns, in a column I have ID of a bean in a custom module, and I have 3 other column of a custom module with the ID of bean of another module.
I need with REST API 4.1 to create a relationship of the 3 ID’s to the first bean.
I need that in subpanels of the first bean I can see the 3 records…
I can’t find example for this problem.

this is my PHP code to create parameters of method:

$set_relationship_parameters = array(
    //session id
    'session' => $sessId,

    //The name of the module.
    'module_name' => 'PAC_Pacchetti_prodotto',

    //The ID of the specified module bean.
    'module_id' => $id_pacchetto,

    //The relationship name of the linked field from which to relate records.
    'link_field_name' => 'pac_prodotti_per_pacchetti',

    //The list of record ids to relate
    'related_ids' => array(

    //Sets the value for relationship based fields
    // 'name_value_list' => array(
    //     array(
    //         'name' => 'contact_role',
    //         'value' => 'Other'
    //     )
    // ),

    //Whether or not to delete the relationship. 0:create, 1:delete
    'delete'=> 0,
echo $set_entries_result=restRequest('set_relationship',$set_relationship_parameters);

Someone can help me?

I think that the problem is in “link_field_name” but I can’t find the correct way… thanks