Set Ownership/Location Problems ubuntu Server - Linux Rookie Help Request

This is the first time I have ever used Linux and the learning curve is harsh.
I am running ubuntu Server within a virtual instance using Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2. I have installed LAMP and can SSH into the box.

I have followed this guide to create 3 test scripts:
[ol] [li][ul]apache is up and running[/li]
[li]PHP is running[/li]
[li]PHP can login to mySQL successfully[/li][/ul][/ol](I had problems with this using “root” and had to go into mysql and create a new user and password and was able to make it work using that new user, I think this is fine for now… accessing the mysql -u root -p allows me to log into the mysql)

I think I have correctly extracted SuiteCRM 7.2.1 max to the C: drive in the directory /SuiteCRM… (When I go to my login, and sudo -i, I get root@machinename:, From there if I cd /SuiteCRM I get the full 7.2.1 max install contents (I was able to install vsftpd to extract the zip to a home drive and move the files with server commands, so I think that is done correctly))

This is where I have become totally stuck. My test files were all in the location /var/www/html/XXXXX.php so it seems that the http connections naturally find them.

I cannot figure out how to reference apache to use the /SuiteCRM directory for or how apply ownership permissions.

Following the instuction on to ‘4. Set ownership of the SuiteCRM directory:’ gives the following error:
chgrp: invalid group: ‘ApacheUser.ApacheGoup’ I am sure these are just references for the user name of my apache install and my group name, but I cannot find or guess those successfully. I think they may be in the apache2.conf file, but I have decided to ask for help… lots of time spent to get this far.


Why not just put your Suite installation into a subfolder within www/html?

Not sure if this is a suggestion or how people are setting up their installs on ubuntu server.

Do you install SuiteCRM on ubuntu and put it in the www folder?

I am trying to follow the instructions documented by sutieCRM for a proper install.

Also I have had problems running the chmod command to set the permissions.

Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder within www/html then go to: localhost/yourfolder name and follow the installation instructions.

replace localhost with your domain if its not the local machine your working on.

The installation procedure is the same as almost all php based web applications.

Are using sudo chmod?

To close this thread, Placing the install into the www/html folder worked on the first try.