set_note_attachment for JSON API v8

Is there the same method, for the new suitecrm REST V8 service, that has the same ‘set_note_attachment’ functionality as the old SOAP v4 service?
It would be useful because I want to use the new REST V8 API, but I need to remotely create new Notes with attached documents.


There are several API v8 updates coming in the next release which should be imminent (today, tomorrow?). Maybe check that when it comes out.

Thank you.
Should I check the forum under ‘Announcements’?
Will the use be explained in the official documentation?

Yes, the Announcements forum is the place to check. You can also subscribe to that entire forum, and you get notifications when something is posted there.

Any way, the new release is out.

I am afraid the Documentation sometimes lags behind the code. Maybe you’re better off checking out the changes on GitHub to see if this part has been updated in any way…

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Specifically, what name has the attribute used to pass the converted file to base 64?
If I use “filename_file” I get the following error:

    "errors": {
        "status": 400,
        "title": null,
        "detail": "Property filename_file in Note module is invalid"

Thank you.