I am experiencing a very strange error that is limited to two users only and two computers which I wonder if someone might be able to help with please. It has only just started happening.

When one of these users attempts a login they are automatically (or within a few seconds of presenting the dashboard), presented with the login screen once more and an error message in the URL.

The URL reads as follows:


As I say, it only occurs for two users. Logging in as an alternative user on the same computer works correctly.

Logging in as one of these problem users on an alternative computer also works correctly.

I have deleted and recreated the users in SuiteCRM but the problem remains.

I have cleared cookies, the cache, flushed the DNS, ensured no proxying is occuring and nothing solves it. It happens with any browser, Edge, Firefox and Chrome.

Both computers are Lenovo all-in-one desktops running Windows 10 Pro and new.

SuiteCRM is hosted internally on a linux platform (SME Server).

I cannot think what might be causing the issue. Can anybody suggest what the issue might be please?

I’m having the same issue… any idea ?

Same issue here…

Did you get a resolution?

In admin section there was : Validate user IP address:
I my case, this is checked and if i change IP, my session is expired.

I am getting the error on the Admin account on a fresh install (which I have re-installed 4 times now). I have verified directory rights, session folder, etc.


Running Version 7.6.5

Same here. Just did a fresh install of the beta 7.2. Log in as admin…looking good…then I get booted back to log in screen.

You are logged out because you session expired

It’s because there is more than one instance running - I have 7.6 and 7.7 versions running on the same server. What is correct way to install multiple instances on the same machine?

If you have multiple sugar versions on a server the easiest way is to access them with different browsers

Then logging into 1 doesn’t log you out of the other