Server upgrade mysql 5.7 to 8, Repair keeps asking to run same sql statement

Hi we have built a new server to migrate our Suite CRM version to.

The old server

  • Unbuntu 16
  • php 7.0
  • mysql 5.7,

The new server

  • Unbuntu 20
  • php 7.4
  • mysql 8.0.23,

All seems to be running OK, (much faster) but each time I try to do a rebuilt, it gives me a huge sql statement to run. It seems to be changing the length of int feilds.

It fails on this command “ALTER TABLE users_feeds modify COLUMN rank int(11) NULL ;” but i found that rank just needs to be surrounded in `` to work.

After successfully running the code (via suiteCRM and direct on the mysql command line) after another rebuilt it has the same statement to run again.

Our suitecrm version is: Version 7.10.7 - Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Any Suggestion or help would be great i have attached (4.6 KB) the sql statement it is asking to run.

After a bit more reading , It seems that mysql version 8 does not use int lengths. Is there any way to stop the repair module checking this and asking me to run the sql statement?

Hi @peted,

MySQL 8 isn’t supported according to the compatibility matrix.

If you search the forum however, you might find solutions on how to make it work in MySQL 8:

Thanks, Not sure how i missed this, I will rebuilt the servers with supported versions.