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Is there a way to add a separator bar to sort of ‘group’ a number of fields together? So, I have a module, Accounts, with many fields, I’d like to group some of those field together such that they’re all relating to the same subject. see the attached image, it’s a mock-up of what I’m after.

:wink: It might be a bit much, but editing tools to add various elements, like frames, separator lines, shapes and so fourth would be a nice addition to Studio or somewhere. :wink:


Sorry, there is currently no way to do that.

You’d have to override the Display function in the Detail view, and Edit view, but I don’t think it’s a simple override, it would give you quite some work.

You could add as tabs or additional panels in Studio … go to admin>studio

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hmm…I’ll look into panels again. the module i’m working on has quite a fern tabs on it already, I was hoping to make it as clutter free as possible…thanks though

@loreilly you could also question your data design.

When you have many fields in a detail view, and they have a pattern like in your case (“Subject matter”, “SM Expert”) you probably should be using a separate module for “Subject matters”, with a one-to-many relationship, so that these SM’s would appear in a subpanel. This has the advantage that you don’t have a hard limit of how many you can have for each record in the parent module.

Thanks PGR…

:blink: I’m wracking my brain about this…I’m not having a good day. Separate panels seem like the way to go, unless I get an answer about a contact based on a dropdown. I’m trying to make the layout as neat and intuitive for the end user as I can…

I’ll definitely take it under advisement… :blink: