Sending Email


Maybe someone could help me out. I’ve configured all my system/outbound emails on Admin and test emails were sent correctly. When i try to send an email to a Lead it’s impossible to select the field from


Hi, that happens in the secret version of SuiteCRM, the one you’re running :slight_smile:

… but it’s supposedly fixed in 7.9.2!

But i’ve installed the 7.9.2 I guess is the latest!

Can you try setting up an inbound account also?

For some people, this solves the problem… even though it shouldn’t be necessary, there is some bug (although it was supposed to be solved in 7.9.2).


I am also facing the same issue. And both the suggestions have not helped: Upgrading to 7.9.2 and setting up an inbound account.

Please suggest if you find solution to this.

Well, I’ve found how to send emails and only works if the main outbound account it’s the same account of the sender, also had to create the Inbound account in order to work properly. Besides now i can send emails the variable fields are not populated and get the syntax instead.

Like… Hello $lead_name

Thanks for your time