Sending email to the "assigned to" user for Case Updates or status changes from other user


I’m looking for a way to trigger sending an email to the ‘assigned to’ user of a Case, every time another user adds a new Case Update or changes the Case Status.

Which is the easiest way to do something like this? It is no problem if I should edit some code but where should I look?

Thanks in advance for any hints.


Hi George,

You can do the first one by creating a workflow as follows.

1) Workflow Module: Case Updates

  • Create conditions that exclude any assigned to values that you do not want (or set no conditions). I exclude my inbound email users and users that I use as group case queues.
  • Create a Send Email action that sends to “Related Field” = “Users: Assigned to” with the email template of your choice. I used “User Case Update”

The template does not work, but the email goes out as it should.

I have not yet found a way to do the second part of your request.



Hello Bruce,

Thanks a lot for your answer. Unfortunately, a workflow for Case Updates doesn’t work for what I asked since the ‘Assigned to’ User for a Case Update is always the user who created the Update.

So, this way if I add a Case Update I will receive an email but all the other crm users who are related with this case won’t be notified!

If I misunderstood something please inform me.

I think that what we need in this and many more other occasions is some kind of logic hooks but I haven’t found anything like this yet nor I can yet start implementing something like this.


Hi George,

You are right, the updating user is recorded as the assigned user in aop_case_updates. I think this is probably a bug as it adds no value at all.

Just as useless, in aop_case_events, the assigned_user_id is null. Surely this is a bug as well?

If these fields contained the “correct” values then am I correct in thinking that workflows would work for you?

Otherwise, we are left with the much larger task of modifying the workflow condition GUI and engine to allow fields to be selected from related records to be included in conditions.