Sending email from within contacts module


Is it possible to tweak the settings so that you can send emails out from within the contact module?

At the minute we switch over to emails and then compose from there

Many thanks

If you click on the contact’s email from ListView/Detailview, it pops up the email screen. You don’t have to go to emails module specifically.

Thanks. yes sorry was aware of this but (more specificaly) looking to see if we can have emails as a banner under the contact

Where you already see Activitied/History/Documents etc

I am not able to understand your issue. Emails related to any contact are visible under History Subpanel. Is this what you are asking for?
History subpanel also has a filtering option if you only wish to view emails.

Hi sorry for the slow reply

Instead of having a history subpanel or in addition to …
Is there the option to have a subpanel just for the email?