Sending address for campaigns

Using SuiteCRM 7.8.31. Although specifying an existing “campaign email address” for sending and a different “bounce” email address when creating an email campaigns, it seems they are always sent from the bounce email address with that as the reply-to address as well. The only difference is that the “name” is different between the two but, again, using the very same email address.

Is this expected behavior?

Raising this question again to see if anyone can offer more information.

“from names” are a very buggy area in SuiteCRM, and it’s likely that there was some evolution in this since that version you’re using.

I suspect that you will need to dive into the code to get this done to your liking

Noted and I will dig into it to try to find the bug. Do you have any particular bug reports to point me to?

Bug reports are even more confusing than the code, because they span dozens of different versions…

I would focus my attention around this part

I think that’s where everything is getting decided. I am not 100% sure, though.

Thank you, I will start there.

Again, I am running 7.8.31. I finally had time to start looking at this and I am now looking at modules/Campaigns/WizardMarketing.html and WizardMarketing.php to see if I can track down the bug. I found a reference to bug 12587 in WizardMarketing.html that references “allow setting of Reply-to X from campaigns”.

I spent a lot of time looking into this and eventually found that the ReturnPath address is set to ‘’ by include/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php that include/SugarPHPMailer.php is a wrapper around. I did additional googling and found that apparently is as it should be, the receiver’s mail server is supposed to then set the Return-Path to the same address as Sender.

At this stage my understanding is that when preparing a campaign and if a bounce-handling email account has been set up, eg bounce@yourdomain.tld, the Sender should also be set to bounce@yourdomain.tld but using a more informative SenderName such as your company name.

The Reply-To on the other hand, should be set to whichever email address you would like replies to go to.

If my understanding is correct, it would seem the SuiteCRM code is correct (I am running 7.8.31). I have a campaign waiting to go out today so I’ll find out.

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Hmm, although the above works, automatic replies, such as vacation replies, also go back to the bounce-handling email account. Not sure how to get around that since I would have preferred just bounces to be kicked back to the bounce-handling account to be handled automatically be SuiteCRM’s automated bounce-handling.