Send emails to all contacts with each their attachment


first of all i’d like to greet for the great job you all invested in SuiteCRM.
My issue is, as the title says, involving the emails. I’d like to send to my contacts the document attached on them. Is it possible? Maybe Logic Hooks?

Thank you guys


Do you want to send the same documents for all contacts or each contact have different document?



Yes its possible using logic hook. write the hook in document module. once the document is saved write a new Email custom code and send to that contact.


Also, have a look at Email templates, and at the “Generate Letter” option. SuiteCRM has a few ways to create a customized document linked to each customer, with custom fields, so you might want to look into that.

Only if you need to attach a pre-existing document, one different for each customer, then you need to go into programming or Workflows.


first of all thanks for the responses, appreciate your help.

My situation is the following: i have to attach each customer a different .pdf file. This is something I have yet to figure how to do that, still didnt think of a way to add a different file to each customer in an automated way.

Anyway, even if I’d have to do it by my own, i’d like to send each contact an email with “their” document attached. I read something in the documentation about Workflows and email templates like pgr said but I still have to try it out.

This would be a nice feature to add to SuiteCRM. When designing an email template, we would have an option to auto-attach documents. Then we would provide a base directory (where all the files to be attached are) and a linking expression made up from field values, something like this:


and that would produce values like

“SomeCompany - SomeGuy.docx”

and look for that document in the specified directory, and attach it to the email.