Select Fields to display on Task Subpanel

Hi, all;

I’m trying to customize which fields should be displayed on my Task subpanel on Accounts modules.

Right now, default ones are shown as follows:

But these fields are not usefull for me and need to change them.

I’ve been looking on Studio, but Account module has no Task Subpanel:


I can see that some relationships are already created:


Any clue about what can I do?

Thank you.

the activity as well as the history subpanel are aggregating items from different modules, so these aren’t regular panels and therefore not shown in the studio. As far as I know, the only way to modify them is to alter the code itself. Try to find something here in the board, such as

Thank you for the information.

According with your link (and links inside it) if I’m not wrong, two files should be mofied:

  • modules/Tasks/metadata/subpanels/ForActivities.php
  • modules/Activities/metadata/subpaneldefs.php

Update May 21st: Seems more complicated that this.