Security setting

Hi everybody,
I have a question: I created a new module as an administrator, but other users cannot see it.
How can I make it visible to them? Is there any security setting to change?

Thank you in advance.

First do a Quick repair and rebuild. If that doesn’t work, then tune up your roles:

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Hi @asiabuchignani,

I think when you have created the new module you did not select the “Navigation Tab” that’s why your module is not shown.

Suggestion: When you have not checked the “Navigation Tab” your module will show inside the “Studio” only.

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Hi @vijay1992 ,
when I created the new module I selected the “Navigation tab”, in fact I see the module (because I’m the administrator). The problem is that other users (that aren’t administrator) don’t see it.

Hi @asiabuchignani,
Please check inside the “Role Management”. Please access whatever user you have created. Maybe this causes your module not to show the other member.

And Please check the Suite Security Setting:-

Hi @vijay1992,
other users have all access (see photo), but they don’t see the module I created.
All security settings are selected as shown by you.
How can I solve the problem?

Go to Admin->Repair->Repair Roles and try again.

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Now it works!! Thank you very much!