Security risk - question

Hi there,


we are on v7.11 and I noticed this graph. Does that mean we are at security risk if we don’t upgrade to at least 7.12?

Can someone explain?

Yes, the last upgrade to 7.11.x branch was SuiteCRM-7.11.23, dated 2021-11-19.

That means you’re missing at least 10 months of security updates, and there have been some significant ones in that period.

Also don’t forget to check this PHP graph, some of the security vulnerabilities that get fixed are in PHP, not in SuiteCRM, and they are equally relevant.

Normally in order to move forward in PHP, you also have to move forward in SuiteCRM, as per the matrix:

SuiteCRM 7.x → Compatibility Matrix :: SuiteCRM Documentation
SuiteCRM 8.x → Compatibility Matrix :: SuiteCRM Documentation