Security Option - Installation Step

Hi everyone, during the installation of SuiteCRM version 7.9.7 in the last step, this series of security-related options appears.
I did not understand how to configure these options and do not even understand what they are doing.
Can anybody help me to understand or report the part of the manual that talks about this?
If I do not check and install the installation where can I edit these data, after installation, later on from the control panel?
Thanks for the support

These things are not very SuiteCRM specific - your best option is to Google about things like “session directory”. They are PHP configurations or web browser configurations. Web admins are familiar with these (advanced) options.

If you don’t have any particular security requirements, just ignore them.

Later, you can change session directory in php.ini (session.save_path), and you can change SuiteCRM log location in config.php. I don’t know about the 3rd option.

The following is from the SugarCRM documentation:

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I have the same problem and I am wondering to know did you solved this problem and is everyone any idea how to solve this Security Options during installation.
Thanks for the support