Security Issue with Roles and Groups

Hi, I setup the typical security scenario from here on the latest 7.8.1 version:

Things seem to work to some degree, except that the sales team can’t see any contacts, accounts, documents, etc… in the list views for the items that they create. The items can be navigated to directly by the owner that it is assigned to, but not found in a search or viewed in the list view.

The items are visible to the sales manager, and the business owner.

Is this a bug, or is the documentation out of date?


Can you please attach a screenshot of your security group access permission?

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

I belive you need to provide screenshot of permissions for the “specific roles” of the seal team. Perhaps the permission for “list view” are disabled which is most likely to be causing this.

Sorry, I wasn’t sure what was being requested, but here are the permissions for the “owner only” role which is assigned to the security group sales region which the salesperson is added to.

Are they the assigned users to the records? e.g. is their user the ‘assigned to’ user?


Can you attach a screenshot of the security group showing “owner only” role associated with that group?

That is attached in my earlier post.